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The facilities and amenities in a community will either please or disappoint you. But with CAMELLA Montego, what you’ll experience far outweighs what you desire for. Let us tell you more about it in detail. 

First of all, the entrance to this community is very welcoming. It’s like you’re on a wonderful trip to a paradise or resort. High and lush trees will welcome you on a beautifully designed entrance gate. There is 24/7 security with roving guards around as well as CCTV cameras strategically located in the place. This is a plus with this property where safety and security for homeowners is utmost priority. You can sleep peacefully at night knowing you and your family is secured in your own home. 

This place is flood-free with the underground drainage and efficient water systems. Electricity is supplied by MERALCO. 

A Clubhouse is where you can hold special events and milestones in your life. Whether you’re celebrating reunions, birthdays, wedding anniversaries, baptismal parties, bridal showers or graduations – this is where fun starts. As you bond and have a good time with family and friends, expect that more memories will be created and etched in your hearts. Make that event count as you will not have to go somewhere far, it’s right within your doorsteps. 

When you wake up and long for early morning walks together with dear ones- there are pocket gardens all around where you can maybe rest a bit or stop for a while. Walking with love ones is a great bonding activity. It is also a fitness activity that’s good for everyone. Whether you run, walk or jog – the pocket gardens will be a feast to the eyes as well as a good place to lounge around, smell the fresh air and appreciate the plants and blooms to drive away all the stress. What a relief it is!   

The kids and kids at heart will be happy to know that there’s a park and playground within the neighborhood. Parents need not worry about their children’s safety since they can just watch by them at a close distance. Here’s more:  parents can surely join the fun. Plan games to enjoy with your kids. Your children wills surely be pleased. 

For the heads of the families who toil hard everyday, you deserve a break and playing basketball is one of the activities you can do. Worry not as a basketball court is available within the neighborhood. Form your own teams with neighbors and friends and play fun but competitive games. Invite families and relatives over to watch you and cheer you on. Fun times will never be the same again. Memories are indeed heartwarming for simple and little moments shared with dear ones.

  • Clubhouse
  • Landscaped Entrance Gate and Guard House
  • Landscaped pocket Garden
  • Gazebo
  • Parks and Playground
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